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Get to Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy

We can arrange taxi to pick you up at the airport or train station,

If you are in Yangshuo just give us a call ( Master Huang 13558136725 ) or walk to our academy directly.

The Academy is conveniently located 2 kilometers outside of Yangshuo, near the Li River side, located in Tian Jia He (Tian Jia River or Called the Dragon River ) Village. Just 20 minutes walk 5 minutes bike from the bus station or West Street.

Add: Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy,

 No.120 Tian jia he village,Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Zipcode: 541900
地址:中国广西桂林阳朔田家河120 号阳朔县黄华太极会馆 邮编:541900
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Add: 120 Tian jia he village,Yangshuo,Guilin,Guangxi,China Zipcode:541900 Tel:86-13558136725
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